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Growing Outdoor Trees in Pots

Planting trees in large pots for indoor growth is popular in residences that have little garden space available. Only a small terrace or area where the tree can enjoy a few hours of sunshine is required. For this reason, more and more people plant trees that grow inside a pot in places where sunlight is limited.

Outdoor Trees in Pots

About Outdoor Trees in Pots

Knowing which types of trees are capable of growing adequately inside a pot is difficult for first time indoor tree growing. Before choosing a tree, take into account the same criteria as for any other plant: the amount of daily light it needs, the humidity its soil requires and the type of climate in which it grows and survives best. Once you have all of that information choose the tree type that you like most and that is well suited to the characteristics of our home.

Next, to help you in your search of trees here is a helpful list of trees that can grow perfectly inside a pot. Whether you live in a house with a small balcony or prefer to plant your trees in a pot and use them as a decorative element in your garden there is surely one you will enjoy most. More about the best outdoor trees in pots...

Citrus Trees in Pots

The best candidates for decorating your terrace or garden in a large container will always be citrus trees. Normally any type of tree will be a good option, although lemon and orange trees are usually the most chosen by gardening lovers for their great beauty and their great resistance to climate changes.

Although the citrus trees are very easy to take care of and will only need a weekly watering (depending on temperatures and hours in direct sunlight). Citrus trees do not tolerate extreme frosts. If temperatures are going to be low put the trees in a warmer part of the home.

Conifers in Pots

The group of trees that conform the conifers are also an ideal option if what you want is to fill your terrace with very elegant low maintenance plants. The evergreen conifers, such as the Pine, Juniper or Cypress are some of the most famous trees to survive inside a pot, being preferable that you buy them when they are still very small so that they adapt better to the space and the light that you are going to give them; since normally these trees tend to become much bigger and inside a pot that will not be possible.

Fig Trees in Pots

One of the favorite trees for all those who live on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea are the Fig Trees, since they are beautiful trees that will give us a good shade all year round thanks to their wide leaves, and that when autumn arrives will give us their delicious fruits: the figs. The fig tree has proven to grow perfectly in a container, as long as you provide it with a lot of water constantly and keep it in the sun for as many hours as possible.

Olive Trees in Pots

These trees, native to the Mediterranean coast, are ideal for growing in a pot and cultivating their fruit in small spaces, since they have particularly short roots ( much more than other similar trees ) which allow them to grow little by little without needing too much space. The only thing yu will need to enjoy the beauty of the olive tree on our terrace is to keep it always in sunny places and make sure that its soil is perfectly drained.

The olive tree is a tree that likes warmth and humidity, so it tolerates neither cold nor frost, so in times where temperatures are too low should be moved to a safe place and protected from extreme cold.

Japanese Maple Trees in Pots

The Japanese Maple is another beautiful plant that grows perfectly if you place it on a very sunny terrace and inside a fairly large container. This tree is characterized by a beautiful green foliage that with the light of the sun seems to shine, acquiring during the months of summer a hypnotic crimson color that will give to your home a magical air.

These are some of the trees that better will grow within a flowerpot, being essential that you follow the guide of care of each one of them so that they can coexist with you during many years and get to give you their delicious fruits. Do not hesitate to plant any of these varieties of plants and you will achieve a terrace full of small trees with charm. Enjoy them!

Note: Your potted trees will require that you water them regularly!

Top 5 Best DIY Trees to Grow in Pots

  1. Citrus Trees
  2. Conifers
  3. Fig Trees
  4. Olive Trees
  5. Japanese Maple Trees

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